n September 27, 2010, Gila River Indian Community Executive Order No. 09-27-10 was approved. This Executive Order dissolved the Economic Development Department and authorized the transfer of the Economic Development functions to the Pima Leasing and Financing Corporation.


Pima Leasing & Financing Corporation

PLFC began as a start-up company which meant that everything from the business cards to the company logo had to be created and established. The current PLFC logo is a depiction of a flower basket design woven by an elder Akimel O’otham woman in the 1900’s.

Since October 2010, the PLFC has grown with the addition of new employees, tribal member business loan clients, and tribal land leasing companies. Although, some of the programs of the Economic Development Department were eliminated, PLFC continues to provide essential services to the Gila River Indian Community members that include tax return preparation, credit counseling, and business development training.

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