Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum and maximum amount one can borrow?

The amount one can borrow will be determined by the financial capability of the business plan. Loans range from $400 to several million dollars.

How long are the loans for and what interest rate does PLFC charge?

The terms and interest rate will vary based on the amount of the loan, source of repayment and the risk of the business proposition. Recently, PLFC has charged interest rates ranging from 3.5% to 8.%. The loans are primarily fixed rate loans.

Do I have to submit tax returns?

Three years of personal or business tax returns may be required.

Does PLFC finance new cars and personal computers?

PLFC does not provide personal loans for cars or computers. PLFC will finance all items approved in a business plan.

Does PLFC require collateral?

PLFC does require collateral in most cases. The use of Community member’s property is considered collateral for PLFC loans.

What are my new business startup costs?

Before you launch a new venture, you should take the time to estimate the total capital that will be needed. Startup costs are divided into two main categories: one-time startup costs and recurring monthly expenses. Depending on when you expect to receive payments for your goods and services, it may be wise to begin with several months of working capital. Use this calculator to help discover and estimate your total business startup costs. Be sure to only include those items that are essential to start the business.

How many units do I need to sell to breakeven?

Given your profit margin, it is important to know how many units of a certain product that you will need to sell in order to cover your fixed/startup costs.

Should I lease or buy equipment?

Leasing is a popular method of acquiring new equipment for your business. Although the payments may seem attractive, it may not always be the best financial decision versus purchasing the equipment outright and financing it with a low interest loan.

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