Agricultural Loan Process

With a complete Business Plan in hand, clients must submit the loan application (link) and all required loan documents (link). The assigned Business Analyst will present the loan proposal/application to the PLFC Loan Committee.

If the loan is approved, the client will be scheduled to sign the loan documents and promissory note. Proceeds will not be paid directly to the loan client; instead the proceeds will be sent directly to the vendors as stated in the business plan.

If the loan is declined, the loan applicant will be notified of the reason(s) why it was declined and recommendations will be provided as to how to improve their loan application.

Business Plan Development Process

Give us a call to be assigned a Business Analyst, Rosalie Talahongva or Sierra Ward. Clients come in for 30-60 minute meetings, recommended every 2 weeks for as long as it takes to complete the BP. The client will have “homework” or research to complete with the assistance of a Business Analyst.

The first questions that will be asked are in your Preliminary Marketing Plan. Can you answer these questions (in detail)?

  • What products or services will you sell?
  • Who will you sell to and at what quantity?
  • Where and how will you deliver?
  • What will be the costs to produce, sell and deliver?
  • How much will you charge?