Business Services Overview

Pima Leasing & Financing Corporation (PLFC) has established services that will assist Community members in starting and running new businesses, as well as expanding existing businesses. While providing the essential elements of a business plan, PLFC will assist Community Members in the development of a business plan. PLFC will also assist in the research of the proposed business, reviewing the business plan and forecasting the financial projections and results of operations, to present to the Loan Committee.

PLFC’s business loan process begins with a meeting to discuss your opportunity. Since everybody is starting with different skill sets and are attempting business opportunities with varying risks and challenges, there is no one business plan. The process of building a business plan and financial model can be time consuming and requires a great amount of patience. The Business Plan needs to convince the Loan Committee that the business is viable. This plan will also be a useful tool for communicating the goals and expectations of the business, setting objectives and monitoring milestones. A detailed plan is a proactive way of anticipating roadblocks and developing strategies to deal with them.

Business Plan Development Process

Give us a call and submit a Loan Intake Sheet (link) to be assigned a Business Analyst. Clients will meet with the Business Analyst for as long as it takes to complete the Business Plan. The client will have “homework” or research to complete with the assistance of a Business Analyst.

PLFC requires certain documents as outlined in the Loan Document Checklist (link) and will work with you to complete your package.

In your Preliminary Marketing Plan, questions that you need to consider:

  • What products or services will you sell?
  • Who will you sell to and at what quantity?
  • Where and how will you deliver?
  • What will be the costs to produce, sell and deliver?
  • How much will you charge?