Frequently Asked Questions

To whom does PLFC provide business loans?

 PLFC provides loans to Gila River Indian Community members. Loans to business entities must be 51% controlled and owned by Community members to qualify.

What is the minimum and maximum amount one can borrow?

 The amount one can borrow will be determined by the financial capability of the business plan. Loans range from $400 to several million dollars.

How long are the loans for and what interest rate does PLFC charge?

 The terms and interest rate will vary based on the amount of the loan, source of repayment and the risk of the business proposition. Recently, PLFC has charged interest rates ranging from 3.5% to 8.%. The loans are primarily fixed rate loans.

Do I have to submit tax returns?

 Three years of personal or business tax returns may be required .

Does PLFC finance new cars and personal computers?

 PLFC does not provide personal loans for cars or computers. PLFC will finance all items approved in a business plan.

Does PLFC require collateral?

 PLFC does require collateral in most cases. The use of Community member’s property is considered collateral for PLFC loans.