How to Start a Business & Secure a Loan

  1. Call Pima Leasing & Financing Corporation (PLFC) to set up an initial meeting to discuss your business idea. For business or agricultural loans contact our Business Analyst, at (520) 796-2454.


  1. Over the next couple of months you will work with PLFC staff to build a business plan and financial model. During this time PLFC staff will provide as much input as you desire.


  1. PLFC requires certain documents as outlined in the Loan Document Checklist (link) and will work with you to complete your package.


  1. An individual’s credit report will not disqualify one for a loan and PLFC offers credit repair services. The Loan Rating Evaluation worksheet (link) will assist PLFC in determining the risk and basis for forwarding or not forwarding the loan request to the loan committee.


  1. Once approved for a loan, PLFC’s staff will work with you as much as you desire. Their experience may be helpful as you tackle the challenges presented in the market