Agricultural Leasing

Pima Leasing & Financing Corporation (“PLFC”) manages the Gila River Indian Community’s (“Community”) trust land resources for agricultural leases within the Community. A major component of an agricultural lease is compliance. PLFC has assisted the Community’s Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Public Works and Gila River Indian Community Utility Authority in ensuring lessees are adhering to tribal ordinances as well as paying their utility bills.


Agricultural Leasing Process for Community Land

  1. An Agricultural Lease Proposal is submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIA). Forms are located at the BIA-Pima Agency.
  2. Pre Leasing Meeting: BIA, Department of Transportation (DOT), Gila River Indian Irrigation & Drainage District (GRIIDD) & Pima Leasing & Financing Corporation will meet to review the lease proposal, which includes land, rental rate, water, infrastructure availability.
  3. If the lease is approved at the Pre-leasing Meeting, PLFC will forward the Consent Forms with recommendation to the Gila River Indian Community’s Executive Office for the Governor’s signature.
  4. PLFC will forward signed copies of signed Consent Forms via email to BIA, GRIIDD and the Office of General Counsel (OGC)
  5. BIA will prepare the lease and send a fully executed lease hardcopy to PLFC. PLFC will forward a copy to GRIIDD & OGC.
  6. Lease payment will be processed through the BIA Lock Box and processed for electronic payment to GRIC Finance.

BIA Lease Oversight

  • Land owned by individual Community Members
    For further information, please contact the Realty Office at (520) 562-3376 or
    Cecilia Baker-Martinez, Pima-Agency Superintendent.
    Address: 204 W. Pima St., Sacaton, Arizona 85147