Pima Leasing & Financing Corporation

Compliance Matters

Posted by Admin Admin on September 3, 2015, in Leasing

There are internal Community leasing requirements that are discussed with the applicant once the initial meeting is held. In addition to entertaining new leasing ventures, PLFC coordinates with the Community departments with regard to lease compliance matters.

For interest in Commercial leases, Permits, Right-of-Ways (ROW) located within the Gila River Indian Community or any of the following properties listed below, please call (520) 796-2454.

Other Commercial Leasing Opportunities

  • The Wild Horse Pass Development Authority oversees development and leasing within the Wild Horse Pass Area (map). For opportunities in this area contact David White, General Manager at (520) 796-5389 or

  • Komatke Market
    Located in Komatke (District Six) and near Laveen, AZ. this building offers one to four suites (4,000 sq. ft. total) build-to-suit. For further information, contact Wild Horse Pass Development Authority at (520) 796-5389.

  • Lone Butte Development, LLC. Oversees development and leasing within the Lone Butte Industrial Park. (map) Interested parties can contact Esther Manuel, General Manager at (520) 796-5633 or

  • Pecos Landowners Association (Land adjacent to Proposed Loop 202, Phoenix-Ahwatukee)

    Interested parties can contact Wayne Nelson Jr., Chairman at (602) 796-8846 or